Shinijia Tenant Story: “My Fabulous, Fantastic Shinijia Rental”


We asked some of our tenants to share their warmest Shinijia story with us, this is what one of our lovely tenants had to say:

“Shinijia made my apartment search end in a dream come true.  My apartment, towering on the 24th floor, takes your breath away with its sweeping view of Shanghai, coupled with an interior design and layout that is not only spacious but comfortable and warm.


It has a large entry way that leads to an enormous but posh living room with dinning nook.  The kitchen is tucked away in an inconspicuous manner but has lots of kitchen amenities and a washer and a dryer.  There is a window that allows good lighting as well as fresh air.

My personal bedroom offers a design that allowed me to decorate it very intimately. The lovely balcony offers the dynamic view but also a place to display an array of flowers candles and artifacts that make me feel totally comforted in my lovely home.

All of this is amazing but even more incredulous are my 3 lovely flat mates.  All young working professionals who are beyond wonderful and have become my family away from my home country. We enjoy movies together as well as outdoor activities and parties. It is so refreshing to come home from work and join them and share our life stories and encounters.

Last but not least the staff at Shinijia are always courteous, prompt and efficient in handling any concerns or needs that may arise.  There is never a worry that your satisfaction is not their main objective.

Shinijia has been the best rental experience throughout my entire 3-plus year stay in Shanghai.  Thank you Shinjia, you touched my heart and have been placed on the top of the list when I refer newcomers to Shanghai.